August 22, 2011

Go Greek!

On Saturday Leah and I went to the Anchorage Greek Festival. A fundraiser for a local Greek Orthodox Church, the festival lasts all weekend and includes traditional Greek food, dancing and arts and crafts.

We met up with our good friend Tammie, who brought two mutual friends, Joshua and John Paul.

They were in the church, so after a quick look-around, we headed for the food to eat lunch.

Leah settled on a gyro...

...and I decided to try the Greek salad and dolmathes (grape leaf wrapped around rice and vegetables and tomato sauce).

Dancers took the stage while we were eating our food and provided some traditional entertainment.


These kids were pretty impressive. I think they were probably in middle school and high school and could really, REALLY kick their legs in the air.

After finishing our food and walking around the lot to look at the different crafts and nick knacks that had been brought over from Greece (think scarves, table clothes, bowls, etc), we headed for the bakery tent. This tent had pastries and bread homemade by volunteers from the church as well as hot chocolate and American and Greek coffee.

Tammie purchased a quartet of Baklava, which is phyllo pasty layers filled with nuts and covered in honey.

Tammie with the Baklava and her beautiful smile.

Another pasty we decided to try = Galaktoboureko, which is lemon custard inside phyllo, rolled into individual servings, and drizzled with honey.

We ended our dessert samples with hot chocolate (Leah and Tammie) and Greek coffee (me). With the cool Alaska weather, the hot drinks hit the spot.

Going Greek was a great way to spend part of my weekend. I hope you had a nice weekend as well.