welcome to my blog. my name is karen and i created 3000 miles north to share my adventures in life...

barrow, alaska | july 2011

why 3000 miles north?

after moving to Anchorage, Alaska in August of 2007, I began working for the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Tobacco Prevention and Control Program that same November. i was fortunate to travel across the state of alaska for my job. as I traveled to different communities and regions in alaska, i tried to invest my time in learning about the history of the community, specifically the Alaska Native influence and culture. i wanted to share my adventures with those closest to me and anyone else who was interested, so I decided to start 3000 Miles North - which became a journal for my adventures.

more about me.

why move to Alaska from Iowa? my twin sister had been a nanny in Anchorage for two summers and landed a teaching job in Anchorage after college. i decided to join her in the 49th state for what was to be nine months (who was i kidding??).   

my first job in Anchorage was working for recreational equipment, inc. (REI), which is where i met my boyfriend, Matt...and when Matt entered my life, so did his dog, Rio.

after eight years in Anchorage, we moved back to the midwest. the first stop was in Minnesota, but after 2.5 years, we moved again to Madison, WI, which is where we now call home. in the meantime, Lucky, our lovable black cat, joined our lives.

3000 miles north and back continues to be a place for me to share our adventures and my healthy lifestyle.