April 04, 2017

I rode, he ran.

It was a lovely evening to get outside. Matt and Rio went for a quick run around town, so I decided to tag along on my bike for day FOUR of #30daysofbiking.


April 03, 2017

Twins Win!

#30daysofbiking day 3

I had a meeting in Saint Paul this morning, so I couldn't ride my bike to work. However, I was able to get a quick ride in on the single speed after watching the Twins beat the Royals on opening day! 

It's the first win on opening day for the mighty Twins since 2008...so, I was sure to wear my Twins sweatshirt during the ride. This is the same sweatshirt Matt and I received during the Twins home opener two years ago when the Twins played the Royals...and lost. 

This single speed is what I usually ride to work. You probably don't notice the new tires on my bike. Yes, they have tan sidewalls. I've wanted tires with tan sidewalls for this single speed for a couple years, and Matt finally surprised me with them a few weeks ago. :)


April 02, 2017


What is #30daysofbiking? It is a pledge to ride your bike every day in April. and, I pledged. This is no April Fools Day joke. Yes, I WILL be riding my bike for 30 days in a row...some way...some how.

How did #30daysofbiking get started?

According to Minneapolis Happening #30daysofbiking began when two guys from Minneapolis saw a tweet about 30 days of yoga. One of them responded "how about 30 days of biking" and thus a world-wide (literally) movement was born.

30 days of biking is a simple concept that started in 2010 in Minneapolis. It doesn't matter how long, how far, or what kind of bike you ride. What matters is that you ride your bike.

Minneapolis Happening states that #30daysofbiking has created a world-wide community with over 4,000 participants from over 100 countries. Why April? It's Spring! There will be different kinds of weather almost every day - a good way to get really comfortable on your bike.

Visit www.30daysofbiking.com for more information and to pledge (nothing wrong with being a few days behind). you can also watch this pretty cool video that was made a few years ago.

Day 1: #30daysofbiking

The sun was out. I took the fat bike for a spin along some trails around the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, which is just behind where we live.

Day 2: #30daysofbiking

Matt and I went for a 20 mile ride on one of our favorite routes. Although it was cloudy, it was fun to get outside and ride.