November 29, 2014


Matt and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We began the day with the Skinny Raven Turkey Trot...

...which for the first time ended indoors at the Dena'ina Center in downtown Anchorage. We were also able to wait inside before the race started just a block away. Brilliant idea. 

The Turkey Trot was a quick 5K. The temperature was in the low 20s, which made for a nice run outside. 

Although we weren't with our families for the holiday, we enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house, which has become a tradition. Meanwhile, my family kept me posted on their Thanksgiving hoopla...

...and toasted their thanks via text...

After dinner, Matt and I came home to spend the evening with Rio, who feasted on a yummy chewy for her Thanksgiving dessert.


November 4, 2014

Election Day.

It's Election Day!

I remember voting with my mom and dad from the time I was young. It was so exciting to walk into the poll booth with them and watching them fill out the ovals that signaled for whom they were voting. 

Since I turned 18, I've enjoyed doing the same...and since moving to Alaska, I've had the same polling place every year. Many of the same volunteers still greet me when I walk into the location, often asking "You're one of the twins, right?" I guess Leah and I made a positive impact on them the first few years we voted together. Hopefully they don't wait for her to come in and vote today!

I hope you get out and vote today if you haven't already.