August 02, 2011

Plane food = YUM!

I almost always fly when I travel, both in the state of Alaska and when I fly to other states (obviously). Over 70% of Alaska is NOT accessible by road, which means that the only way to get many places is by plane, boat, snow machine (snow machine = snow mobile), or dog sled (yes, people still travel by dogsled).

Anyway, I have had my fair share of Alaska Airlines but was very impressed when I flew from Portland to Anchorage and read about the in-flight service food options. I was hungry so I decided to check out the picnic pack options. Choices included Mediterranean Tapas, Smart Heart and Northwest Deli. I chose the Mediterranean Tapas Picnic Pack. Included in the pack was multigrain chips by Food Should Taste Good (they sell these at Costco in a gigantic bag), Mario olives, hummus dip (in a very convenient squeezable container), almonds, dried apricots and dark chocolate. 

The picnic box tied me over perfectly.

Matt had decided to go on a two day fishing trip with a few friends, so when I arrived home from Portland, I was in charge of taking care of Rio. She was so excited to see me and was probably more thrilled to be out of her crate after almost 12 hours. 

I had promised Rio a run Monday morning and even though it was pouring outside, felt like I could not let her down. We ran about four miles and it felt great; however, we were both soaked at the end of the run.

Rio was obviously tired by the time I was ready to head to work for the day...already beginning her first nap!

She is always hard to leave in the morning, but I was ready to get back in the office after a long week in Portland.

I hope you all had a great Monday!