August 01, 2011

Pure Bliss

I love getting pedicures anywhere but Anchorage (except when I can take advantage of a Groupon). Why? Pedicures are expensive! For whatever reason I find myself paying almost $15 more dollars for a pedicure in Anchorage...and I can guarantee that wine is most often not complimentary.

Pedicure + wine = bliss.

Tauni and I enjoyed some relaxation before I headed to the airport (thank you, Tauni!!). Eric strolled around the area with Eliza, who after a stop at Starbucks became infatuated with stacking cups on her foot...and couldn't wait to show Tauni and me (Eric may have had something to do with this idea). Who knew that stacking cups one by one on a foot could be so cute?

After a great week in Portland and weekend with ETE, this ends my "picture of the day" event. Thank you for enjoying my trip with me.