October 02, 2011

Welcoming October.

You may have noticed that I skipped September. I did not post one single blog.


I had been looking forward to September for quite some time; not necessarily because September is the beginning of fall (and essentially winter) in Alaska, but mostly because September ended a VERY busy summer. 

I decided a break from blogging was definitely what the doctor ordered.


I am ready to get back on track again and am excited to welcome October with open arms. I LOVE October and definitely think it is one of my most favorite months.


(I'll give you my top ten)

1. The smell of burning leaves
2. Oktoberfest
3. College football
4. Changing colors
5. Brisk mornings = lovely runs
6. Autumn brews
7. Candy corn
8. Pumpkin patches
9. Halloween
10. Cold(er) weather Camping

Happy October!!


P.S. Happy Anniversary to my Grandpa Ron and Grandma Carol. I love you both!!