October 09, 2011

Carving pumpkins.

Saturday night we enjoyed a pumpkin carving party hosted by Leah and LuEmma. They served lasagna and guests were asked to bring a side dish (more about my side dish to come). It was a nice way to have a dinner that served a number of people.

In addition to a side dish, we were asked to bring a pumpkin for carving and carving utensils. I hadn't carved a pumpkin forever, so I was excited.

I cut around the stem and both Matt and I tackled the guts.

Rio was a major help to everyone carving pumpkins. I think she got her fair dose of pumpkin guts as well.

After all of the guts were removed, we left the garage and headed upstairs to carve out the faces of our pumpkins. Matt and I decided to carve our face free-hand. Matt carved the nose first, then I carved the eyes and then Matt carved the mouth. We were happy with the final product. 

LuEmma preparing the pumpkin seeds to eventually be roasted...

My favorite...the stars from the Alaska flag!

All of the finished pumpkins (minus Dana's pumpkin)...

Have a great weekend!