April 15, 2012

Welcome to New Orleans...

Upon arriving in New Orleans on Saturday...

...the airport welcomed my coworker, Joy, and me with signs of what has made New Orleans...jazz!

My uncle Tom and cousin Ben from Mississippi picked up Joy and me from the airport and we headed to Mississippi for the night. My cousin Annie had prom, so when we got back to town, we went to see Annie, who was with a few friends and families taking pictures. She looked absolutely stunning.

After visiting with Annie and meeting her sweet boyfriend, Tommy, the four of us dropped our luggage off at Tom's house and then headed for Shaggy's Bar & Grill, a restaurant on the water.

We had a little bit of everything which included tuna, oysters and crawfish. They had Abita Amber on tap so I had that to drink.

Everything was delicious...Ben especially liked the crawfish!

Back to New Orleans tomorrow with Tom and all for French Quarter Fest...should be a blast...