April 16, 2012

French Quarter Festival

French Quarter Festival...

What a great welcome to New Orleans. The sun what out and the temperature was just over 80 degrees. The French Quarter was packed with people and it was great to have a tour guide in my uncle Tom's friend, Laurie. Having lived in New Orleans her whole life, Laurie new the square and the food really well...

The atmosphere of Jackson Square was so authentic...full of food vendors and live music...

Joy eating turtle soup...yes, real turtle soup. It actually tasted quite good.

Ben had shrimp friend rice...

...and Laure shared her shrimp and crab meat merliton (pear shaped vegetable) with creole sauce.

After walking around the square, we strolled along the Mississippi River, where there were two stages with bands playing.

After Joy and I said farewell to Tam, Annie, Ben and Laurie, we walked around for a bit and made our way to Cafe du Monde for a beignet

We continued to walk around the French Quarter...making our way up and down the streets, taking in the sights and sounds of NOL.

Joy and I began to get hungry so we decided to eat at The Court of Two Sisters, a New Orleans classic.

We enjoyed a Mint Julep...

and shared grilled alligator sausage, two sisters three: crab meat, shrimp and craw fish and we each had a bowl of creole seafood gumbo.

We both agreed that the food was very good.

French Quarter Festival was a great experience and provided us with a nice taste of New Orleans. I'm excited to begin the conference tomorrow...and continue walking and tasting my way through NOLA.