April 26, 2012

Turkey meatloaf

April brought me feelings of springand new growth…and had me wondering if winter was really going to end. Oftentimes the weather (in addition to how much time I have to cook, whatingredients are in my refrigerator/cupboard and what Matt requests) will influencemy cooking.

On a particular day in April, when thesnow was falling and there was thawed turkey burger in the refrigerator, Idecided to make meatloaf, but of course, modified to my liking.

I searched the web and combined anumber of recipes to develop the recipe below. It turned out very nicely,although Matt and I agreed that adding a squirt of ketchup or mustard reallycomplimented the dish.

Turkey Meatloaf

1 white onion
1 TBS oil
1 yellow pepper
White mushrooms
1 lb ground turkey breast
Garlic powder
Dried Oregano
Dried Basil

1. Dice white onion. Heat oil in panand add onion. Cook onion until translucent. Take off heat and let cool to thetouch. Transfer to medium size bowl.

2. Dice yellow pepper and mushroomsand add to the onions. Mix.

3. Remove ground turkey breast frompackage/wrapping and add to the vegetable mixture.

4. Add garlic powder and herbs, totaste. (I didn’t measure these ingredients so I do not know how much of thegarlic powder and herbs I used in the mixture. These ingredients can be alteredto taste and should not effect the overall outcome of the dish. I wouldrecommend adding less than you may think you need since powdered garlic anddried varieties of herbs tend to be more potent in taste).

5. Use hands to combine allingredients until mixed evenly (feel free to squish mixture through yourfingers…it feels kind of good.

6. Shape mixture into loaf.

7. Spray loaf pan with nonstickcooking spray and place loaf into pan.

8. Cook meatloaf for 60 minutes at 375degrees.

The result is a very easy meatloafthat is healthy and tastes good without many added, unnecessary ingredients.The herbs and garlic powder really do highlight the meat loaf and the veggiesadd consistency and texture.

Matt and I enjoyed the meatloaf withItalian cut green beans. YUM.

Enjoy the recipe.