November 10, 2011

Kinnick bound.

After spending a few days at home, visiting my grandparents and making a few purchases at The Chocolate Season (gifts for Matt and Leah from the best chocolate store in the world), Mom, Dad and I woke up early Saturday morning so we could catch the Iowa vs. Michigan football game in Iowa City.

I had been looking forward to this game ever since I planned my trip to DC (six months ago). Although we didn't realize how important the game would actually be for the Hawkeyes to win, I anticipated the game would be exciting. The Hawkeyes usually always play well at home.

We picked up Eric at his house in Iowa City and said hello to Tauni and Eliza before taking off for the game.

What is so great about game day in Iowa City (in no particular order)?

1. Melrose Avenue

2. Food/tailgating/friends

3. Kinnick Stadium

I sat with my mom in my parents' season ticket seats. Eric and my dad sat in other seats that my dad purchased from a friend. It was so fun watching the game with my mom.

She kept it entertaining and we kept each other completely engaged in the game.

The game was exciting from the beginning, mostly because the Hawkeyes were the first to score and never lost the lead. The last few minutes of the game were very nerve racking but luckily (literally) the Hawkeyes pulled out a win.

Unfortunately, we had to leave the festivities without re-entry. Until next long Kinnick.

And...I am hoping the Hawkeyes will win again this weekend vs. Michigan State. Woot woot!!

Go Hawks!