November 04, 2011

Adios DC

The APHA conference went really well...and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Washington DC. I learned so much about tobacco prevention from a public health perspective and took full advantage of not only the sessions that took place throughout the three days, but the posters that were being shared by individuals from around the country. My coworker, Stacy, and I submitted and presented a poster at the conference titled Chronic Disease and Alaska Native Tobacco Use: An ANTHC Initiative to Improve Clinical Services 

In addition to participating in and attending the conference (which equaled three very long days) I found time to do some shopping (Lululemon, Urban Outfitters) and walk around downtown DC.

Quite a bit of downtown DC is located in Chinatown. In 1986 the Friendship Archway was dedicated by the city. This archway is a traditional Chinese gate that was designed by a local Chinese architect. The structure is approximately 60 feet high and includes 7000 tiles and 272 dragons from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Washington DC's "sister" city is Beijing China and it was hoped that this structure, erected to celebrate the friendship of the two cities, would reinforce the Chinese character of the neighborhood (after the 1968 riots, many of the Chinese residents left the area for the suburbs...and the neighborhood lost much of its Chinese influence).

A plaque next to the structure states that the Friendship Archway is the largest single-span archway in the world.

The Verizon Center, located in Chinatown.

In addition, I experienced excellent cuisine. If you ever find yourself in the DC area, I STRONGLY suggest eating at the following restaurants:

Rasika: The BEST Indian food I have ever tasted. The Palak Chaat (crispy spinach) was divine.
Oyamel Cocina Mexicana: Spanish tapas and an air salt margarita. Any questions?
Zaytinya: Greek/Lebanese mezze plates. Upscale but a great place to catch a small plate and glass of wine.

Next on the agenda? Flight to Minneapolis + drive to Iowa (courtesy of my dad) = seeing Parents, Grandparents, Eric, Tauni and Eliza. So excited!