April 12, 2016

Celebrating 70 years.

On March 22 was my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary. Last weekend, Matt and I headed down to Sherburn to help them celebrate the feat.

It was a great day with my parents and my mom's family. I was especially pleased to enjoy a piece of delicious red velvet cake from The Chocolate Season for dessert. Yum!

For the sake of this blog, I decided to do some investigating about the headlines and highlights of 1946, the year my grandparents were married.

  • The president was Harry Truman
  • The U.S. population was 141.3 million (The population in 2015 was 321.8 million) 
  • Life expectancy was 66.7 years 
  • It's A Wonderful Life hit theaters 
  • In January was the first meeting of the United Nations General Assembly
  • The Philippines gained independence from the United States
  • Winston Churchill presented his Iron Curtain speech
  • The Saint Louis Cardinals won the World Series
  • North Carolina got defeated (again) in the NCAA championship by Oklahoma A&M
  • Cannes Film Festival debuted in France
  • Tupperware, credit cards and waterproof diapers were invented