September 24, 2012

Hawkeye football @ The Peanut Farm

Most Big Ten football games are not televised on national television. Since the local cable network does not support the Big Ten Network, many Saturday mornings in September through November are spent at The Peanut Farm, a local sports bar and restaurant.

Why The Peanut Farm? Because they serve breakfast beginning at 6 AM every morning...including sports fans have a place to go and watch their favorite teams.

Because Anchorage is three hours behind the Midwest, an Iowa Hawkeye football game that starts at 11 AM central time, is kicking off at 8 AM Alaska time...that means breakfast for us. Matt didn't have to work on Saturday, so he joined me for the game. I'm thinking he was more excited about ordering breakfast than he was to watch the Hawkeyes...

I, on the other hand, was ready to cheer the Hawks to a victory...errr....wait, never mind. Ugh!!!

It was a pretty fall day though, so after the game and to cheer me up, Matt and I took a stroll by Chester Creek, which runs right behind the Peanut Farm. Anchorage has had TONS (x's 100000000) of rain lately, so the river was really high.

It wasn't long before the rain started to fall again...and it didn't stop all weekend.

Now you know where we are on Saturday mornings. Go Hawkeyes!!!