July 01, 2012

Goodbye June

Where did June go? Maintaining a very long to-do list at work and managing to finagle a week-long vacation kept me very busy. There were periods of time I was good about posting recipes and summaries of my adventures, while there were times I lacked. My apologies.

I haven't posted since I began to share more about my vacation to Iowa/Minnesota/Colorado. So here we go again...

After I said goodbye to my parents in Minneapolis, I boarded the plane for Denver, Colorado. Upon landing in Denver, I picked up my rental car and navigated my way to Estes Park.

Holy beautiful!!!!!

I have been in Denver before for a work trip and my family has taken a couple vacations to the eastern part of the state, but seeing Estes Park was completely different. I was awestruck by the landscape - the mountains. Although I'm used to the stunning mountains in Alaska, the mountains of Northern Colorado are very different from what I have seen in the past. 

When I arrived in Estes Park, Matt was already at his friend's house, which is where we stayed for the night.

Matt told me all about the experiences from his ride and because he had to get up early the next morning for the last day of the ride, we quickly headed to Sweet Basilico for dinner.

Recommended by his friend, Sweet Basilico was a tasty Italian inspired restaurant that offered the hearty plate of carbs Matt was craving. Unlike many Italian restaurants, Sweet Basilico was definitely fresh and felt authentic. The sauce was homemade and the noodles...oh the noodles were so good. With many different varieties available, Matt and I both chose the whole wheat linguini with our meals. 

After dinner, we headed back to the house and called it a night. Next up = Fort Collins - home of Colorado State University, where Matt lived for two years while studying for his Masters degree in Nutrition...