May 27, 2012

Farmers Market time!

One of the best things about the beginning of summer is the start of Farmers Market season. Since I was little, I have enjoyed visiting the Farmers Market...first to help my mom pick out the brightest greens and vegetables...and now on my own to stock my fridge and counter with ingredients for fresh salads and dinners for the week.

Anchorage has a few markets around town each week. Two that I routinely visit are the South Anchorage Farmers Market and the Spenard Farmers Market.

Today I visited both. Why not?! It IS a long weekend!!

First up = South Anchorage Farmers Market.

Still early in the season, the variety of vegetables was limited. However, I did pick up some tofu and sprouts from Alaska Sprouts.

I chose the onion and pea shoot varieties.

Two people definitely rode to the Farmers Market in style. Love these...and how about that basket on the front? A perfect place to hold purchases made at the market.

After visiting the South Anchorage Farmers Market...I grabbed some coffee at SteamDot Coffee, a local Anchorage roster. I then went home, had breakfast and picked up Rio before heading to Midtown for the Spenard Farmers Market...

The Spenard Farmers Market was definitely more about local crafts/creations. Similar to the South Anchorage Farmers Market, it was obvious the season is still a bit early for reliable produce.  

Rio enjoyed the car ride though and after walking around a bit and visiting Matt at REI during his break, the two of us headed back home to tackle my to-do list.