July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Leah and my birthday fell on a Saturday this year - the day after one of our best friends, Jamie, from Anchorage decided to tie the knot in Homer, Alaska. Leah and I flew down to Homer after I was done with work on Thursday, celebrated the wedding on Friday, and then flew back to Anchorage on Saturday afternoon.

The wedding was beautiful and Homer was a great place to celebrate the day of our birthday. 

All guests were boated to Otter Cover Resort, a twenty mile boat ride outside of Homer...

 The ceremony took place on Jamie's parents boat. Truly a classy Alaskan wedding.

The cake topper consisted of two pairs of rubber boots, XTRATUF boots to be exact, made out of fondant.

Jamie and Rob were truly in love and obviously happy.

Leah and me with Jamie and Meghan, the matron of honor in the wedding - two great friends we have met in Alaska.

On Saturday morning, the day of our birthday, Leah and I enjoyed breakfast at Jamie's parents house, where we stayed while in Homer. Around lunch time the two of us headed to one of our favorite restaurants in Homer, Cosmic Kitchen

The food is so good!

After lunch we headed to the Homer Farmers' Market...

and then to the Homer Brewing Company.

I had never been to the actual brewery but have many times enjoyed the brew. 

We ordered two bottles of brew to take home. Quite tasty.

Our flight from Homer to Anchorage was a quick 40 minutes, much faster than the 4.5 hour drive. Later in the evening, Leah and I enjoyed dinner with friends at one of our favorite mexican restaurants in Anchorage, Gallo's Mexican Restaurant.

We had a wonderful birthday weekend.