May 01, 2011

I'm Karen...She's Leah.

At REI yesterday, a man came up to me and said "Hey! How are you?" 

I had no idea who this man was.

He continued " is me...Preston."

Still, clueless.

" know, I helped you with Daffodil?" 
(Luckily, I knew that Daffodil was a dog Leah dog sat for a few months ago that became very sick while the parents were out of town.)

I interrupted slightly and told him that I was actually Karen and that Leah is my twin sister. Embarrassment streaked his face. He apologized and I continued to say that it was not a big deal. He laughed it off and later came up to both Leah and me and said that he had to see us together. He couldn't believe how two people could look "exactly alike."

The funny thing about this story? Only minutes before did the same situation Leah. A nurse from the Alaska Native Medical Center thought she was talking to me, not Leah. I noticed the situation and quickly joined their "conversation" only to watch the nurse's jaw drop when she realized we were twins.

Often times people ask me if I enjoy being a twin. Really, I find it difficult to respond to this question. Sometimes I want to ask right back if they enjoy not being a twin. How do I know any different?

Leah has been right by my side my entire life. She is a sister, friend, companion, sole mate...all rolled into one person. Leah knows me better than anyone. She knows what I think and I am pretty sure she can read my mind.

I think that is pretty special.

So, do I "like" being an identical twin? 

Heck yes!