June 01, 2011

A cabin on Horseshoe Lake

Laurie and Gordie Siemens have a cabin on Horseshoe Lake...65 miles northwest of Anchorage. I had the good fortune to spend Saturday at this cabin...and because it was 80 degrees outside (among many other reasons), the day was wonderful.

Leah and I had to make a quick trip to Fred Meyer in Wasilla...

Horseshoe Lake is a residential community of about 250 properties with, according to alaska.gov 157 homes and other structures. The community is located within the larger, unincorporated community of Big Lake, Alaska. The area first began attracting recreational development in the form of small cabins.

The Horseshoe Lake area was heavily impacted by the 1996 Miller's Reach Fire (as you can tell from the trees below). Many residents lost their homes and much of the surrounding forest was burned to the ground.

When we approached the cabin, Justin (Gordie and Laurie's son) had gotten the lawn mower stuck in the sand. It was funny watching him try to get the mower out of the sand. He succeeded...eventually.

After everyone arrived, we enjoyed great conversations.

Horseshoes were played...

and so was Badminton...

as well as Bocce Ball.

We grilled hamburgers and brats....

and boiled sweet corn.

With only about 20 minutes of slight winds and overcast skies, most of the day was sunny with high 70 degree temperatures...a rarity for Alaska during the month of May.

Leah and I agreed it sort of felt like May in Iowa.

Four dogs enjoyed the day as well...and kept the humans quite entertained.

Canoeing and kayaking...

After a long day in the sun, my day at Horseshoe Lake was complete. 
Thank you Laurie and Gordie for the invitation.