April 19, 2011


Spring in Anchorage means melting snow, 40 - 50 degree temperatures and long(er) and sunnier days.

All were true last weekend...

...so Matt and I went for a mountain bike ride around Anchorage, utilizing the great trail system that makes it easy to navigate the city.

We began on the east side of Anchorage near Bicentennial Park and then passed through the University of Alaska at Anchorage campus trails. These trails led us to the Chester Creek Trail, which guided us toward Midtown Anchorage. 

The melting snow was evident on the trails.

We stopped for a quick snack at Westchester Lagoon and watched the ducks.

We decided to head toward south Anchorage, following C street, International, and Old Seward before catching the Campbell Creek Trail system.

Still sunny and bright at 6:30 PM, we met Leah at Gallo's Mexican Restaurant for dinner.

When we were all finished, Matt and I continued riding for another 30 minutes before heading for home. At 8:00 PM we were still riding with lit skies. 

Matt and I had a great day riding our bikes while enjoying a beautiful spring day in Anchorage.