March 27, 2011

Raw Almond Butter

I've been a fan of almond butter ever since Matt swiped it on my toast one morning for breakfast. The nutty flavor is so rich and gives a new dimension to "toast and peanut butter" which had been a breakfast staple of mine for years.

Recently, I have become a big fan and religious follower of the blog "Oh She Glows." Angela has a love for nut butters. It was her blog where I found the inspiration to make my own almond butter rather than purchasing almond butter in the store. Although Angela has moved on from using just almonds, I decided to go basic the first time making my own.

Prep was easy.

All I needed was almonds and a food processor. 

After you pour the almonds in the food processor, turn the food processor on and process, process, process. Pretty quickly the almonds will look like this...

Scrape the sides down and keep processing.

Soon the almonds will become chunky.

After about 10 minutes of stirring and scraping, the almonds will become smooth and you will have a delicious, home-made almond butter.

Not much clean-up involved!

I put the final product in a glass jar... 

but not before adding to my breakfast on this Sunday morning. 

I made rolled oats and added a sliced banana, greek yogurt and my newly made almond butter. With a cup of coffee, it tasted delicious!

Raw almond butter

2 1/4 c. almonds

Stir in food processor, scraping sides continuously, until smooth and creamy (about 10 minutes).